Small Business Telco Solutions

Internet, landline and calls in one package
Get internet, Landline and Unlimited calls all for one low price on one bill.
Discover a new innovative Technology that can save your small business money.
  • Keep your existing landline or mobile number
  • Data to use on a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Unused data banks up for future use


  • Data for emails, EFTPOS, web browsing and other business requirements
  • Take full control on your cost and eliminate bill shocks
  • International calling available on eligible plans
  • Link with Telechoice mobile plan to unbox more benefits
  • Wifi Hotspot
  • Cordless DECT Technology
  • Speaker Phone
  • Battery Backup
  • Free 1300 number
  • Keep your existing Number
  • Emergency Button
  • Sleek Design
TeleChoice Business
For 10+ services enjoy personalised assessment and one-on-one support from an experienced account manager, dedicated to finding the right solutions for your business. Place spend controls on each service to avoid bill shock or choose to pair your plans with the latest mobiles on our competitive price bundles.
Call our friendly Australian business team now and start enjoying the benefits on Australia’s leading network.
Small Business Telco Solutions in a Box
$79 set up fee applies
^Our fair use policy applies
~Save your Unused Data into your Data Bank up to a maximum of 500GB. Any Data over that limit will be forfeited. Data Bank Data will only be used once you have exceeded your monthly Data allowance.
*Minimum cost is $1036.60
$79 set up fee applies
^Our fair use policy applies
~Save your Unused Data into your Data Bank up to a maximum of 500GB. Any Data over that limit will be forfeited. Data Bank Data will only be used once you have exceeded your monthly Data allowance.
*Minimum cost is $1396.60
$79 set up fee applies
^Our fair use policy applies
~Save your Unused Data into your Data Bank up to a maximum of 500GB. Any Data over that limit will be forfeited. Data Bank Data will only be used once you have exceeded your monthly Data allowance.
*Minimum cost is $1876.60
$79 set up fee applies
^Our fair use policy applies
~Save your Unused Data into your Data Bank up to a maximum of 500GB. Any Data over that limit will be forfeited. Data Bank Data will only be used once you have exceeded your monthly Data allowance.
*Minimum cost is $1876.60
$79 set up fee applies
^Our fair use policy applies
~Save your Unused Data into your Data Bank up to a maximum of 500GB. Any Data over that limit will be forfeited. Data Bank Data will only be used once you have exceeded your monthly Data allowance.
*Minimum cost is $2455.00
All plans are for use in Australia and available for new and eligible recontracting customers only. These plans are not available in conjunction with any other TeleChoice offer. Our Fair Use Policy applies to all unlimited plans and all unlimited components of plans.
For plans with minimum contract terms, an early termination fee applies. This is specified in the Critical Information Summary (CIS) for the plan.
You need a 3G/4G compatible handset to use this service. The device needs to support 3G-850MHz and both 4G 1800MHz and 4G 700MHz banding so that you can get the best service possible.
Data: Data usage is measured per kilobyte and rounded to the nearest kilobyte.
Data banking: Data banking is available on all our plans. The maximum limit for data bank is set out in the CIS for your plan. Any data over the data bank maximum limit will be forfeited, as will any data in your data bank if you choose to downgrade your plan.
Data gifting: Data Gifts are available on all our current plans that show Data Gifting. You can gift anyone that has a TeleChoice Post-Paid and/or Pre-Paid active mobile service which is on a Plan that allows data gifting, you can gift up to 50% of you monthly included data allowance or included data allowance per Prepaid recharge, and you can receive up to 999GB per monthly cycle. Gifted data can NOT be re-gifted. Users cannot gift from their Data Bank, excess data bolt-ons or bonus data.
International Calling: If the country you are calling is not included in your plan, you will be charged for that call on a pay as you go basis at our rate for that call. Alternatively, you can add an International Calling Pack to your plan for $5, $6, $7 or $15 per month (excluding a mobile broadband plan). You can add that pack at any time (as a one-off or monthly recurring basis) and we will bill you for that pack in your monthly bill. Our International Calling Packs allow you to call overseas to any country. To see our international call rates: click here.
Changes to your plan: From time to time we may make changes to your plan or add-ons (including price and inclusions), or we may move you to a new plan (which may cost more). If we reasonably think that a change is likely to be detrimental to you, we'll tell you at least 21 days before making it. If you don't like the change you can change or cancel your plan or add-ons and just pay out your device, in full if you have a handset on plan with us.
Our full terms and conditions are available here.
^Our Fair Use Policy applies to all UNLIMITED Plans and unlimited components of plans. Use which is not permitted by our Fair Use Policy is not included in your monthly call allowance or the relevant component of the plan. You may view the terms of our Fair Use Policy here.
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Unlimited calls to 20 countries
Included on plans $54.90, $64.90, $74.90, $99.00
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
Limited calls to 20 countries
Included on plans $54.90, $64.90, $74.90, $99.00
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Why TeleChoice?
Significantly reduce overhead costs
Complete control of each service’s usage and spend
Reliable network coverage
Personal and professional back end support with reporting on your account
What our customers are saying about us
  • N.Gonzalez – Accounts Payable

    We moved our Mobile fleet to TeleChoice in March 2019. The transition over was smooth and seamless. The service has been beyond all expectations, with a dedicated account manager who is available when you need her and responds to all queries quickly. Being able to contact our account manager via phone and not having to go via a call centre is priceless! Remaining on the Telstra network, our bills have almost halved! Being able to login to our account online without having to jump through hoops and see where our account is at any given time during the month is great, as you can see how each service is travelling and detect any issues before the bill arrives. Overall, I highly recommend TeleChoice to anyone looking for a new mobile phone carrier.

  • M.Walsh - IT & Asset Manager

    We moved our fleet to TeleChoice over a year ago and it’s been great. We have staff all over WA, so we needed to remain on the Telstra network, but required the flexibility of shorter contracts and pay as you go options. Our mobile bills have significantly reduced and TeleChoice support has been prompt and helpful whenever required.”

  • G. Hore – Financial Controller

    I’d just like to say how extremely happy we are with TeleChoice. We moved over a couple of years ago as TeleChoice had a greater range of plans ranging from small usage plans up to the high end plans at a far cheaper cost. TeleChoice’s customer service through our account manager has far exceeded our expectations I would recommend TeleChoice to anyone thinking about changing their plan.

  • G. Solomon – General Manager

    I connected my service with TeleChoice initially as a trial over 2 years ago, and since I have also added all my family members as well as my business. The great offers we received combined with billing integrity has been first class and it certainly sets TeleChoice miles ahead from all the major players in the market. The customer service and our corporate account manager has also been exceptional and very responsive, while the network coverage has been fantastic. I certainly recommend TeleChoice for personal and business telecommunication without any hesitation.

  • K. Sparg – Director

    In my opinion mobiles for business should be invisible, yet indispensable. With TeleChoice we have simple uncomplicated telephone bills, like pre-paid, we pay a fixed amount per month and that's it, I don't need to spend valuable time checking phone bills for over use\abuse. I don't care or worry about the phone bill, it's always the same, it's that simple, and simple I like. I also wanted the ease of prepaid (no "run away" bills), while at the same time get monthly billing. For my business I wanted mobile coverage equivalent to Telstra's especially in rural areas, and Telstra is by far the best when it comes to that. TeleChoice uses the Telstra mobile network which is fantastic. Another thing I wanted was unlimited calls with a good data allowance for no more than $30\month. So there you go TeleChoice delivered all my wants.

  • K. Cooper – Office Manager

    Being a small not for profit company, having top service for the best price is a priority for us. After extensive research, Telechoice was easily the most suitable choice. Plus our Account Manager, constantly goes above and beyond to ensure our needs are efficiently met at all times. So we always feel confident in recommending their services to our friends and colleagues.

  • P. O’Halloran – Director

    I am happy to endorse TeleChoice and recommend them to anyone wishing for excellent, personal service and a very competitive price for your business fleet needs. After years of dealing with mediocre service from account managers. I have taken the Victorian Motor Wholesale & Auction Association members across to Telechoice. Their service is excellent, in contrast to the majority of account managers we have dealt with.

  • S. Lues – Managing Director

    We were recommended TeleChoice and just wish it had been sooner. We have had nothing but excellent assistance, honest advice and consistently good service from TeleChoice in terms of coverage and usage. TeleChoice have consistently given fantastic service! Been using them for a couple of years and we keep adding accounts on them – couldn’t be happier.

  • R.Wilson - Head of Sales Operations & Customer Experience

    We have been with TeleChoice for almost 2 years and the TeleChoice Business team have supported us in managing over 40 plans with total ease and efficiency. I would highly recommend TeleChoice!

  • A .Bawa – I.T. Manager

    Extremely happy with the service. Never had any issues. Also great customer service for our business needs. We have received answers to our queries promptly. For the price we pay per phone, what we get is pretty good!

  • D. Elford – Accounts Manager

    Our account manager is amazing at service with quick resposes/action. Which is what businesses require. Highly recommend them.

  • Adrain. T – I.T. Manager

    TeleChoice are providing the same high level of customer service that Telstra used to provide back in the day. I’m managing a small fleet of 120+ handsets and TeleChoice make it a breeze to manage my fleet as well as provide fast response to any moves/add/change requests. I have recommended them to another NGO’s and will continue to do so.

  • J .Badman – Office Manager

    Very happy with the the service and support from TeleChoice, always prompt, efficient and friendly. I appreciate the direct contact with our account manager when discussing our phone needs – not just a call centre. Would highly recommend.

  • A. Tunney – Financial Controller

    Our Business changed 100+ services to TeleChoice, is a Telstra SIM so coverage is excellent and pricing is hard to beat. Our account manager is great to deal with and I could not be more happier with the smooth changeover.

  • F. Khan – Assistant Accountant

    Business team is really helpful and very responsive. Great people deliver great service. Highly recommended!

  • A. Jacobs – General Manager

    Using for all our company mobile devices. Great service, would highly recommend.

  • V. Jayakody – Manager Resources and Culture

    The price that we were paying for mobile phones was considerable, especially mobile broadband which was expensive and difficult to manage. With flat rate call plans and included mobile data, the decision to move to Telechoice was not a difficult one, the only concern being service coverage. Being with Telechoice for over a year we haven’t had any complaints about coverage and the support that we get from them is brilliant. Our account manager made the migration process very easy and smooth.

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